Passage: Visa Management Dashboard



Collaboration with Paul Warren and Janet Kim.

Passage helps companies process, and track H1B skilled worker visas. Applicants, sponsoring companies, and immigration attorneys each have their own optimized dashboards that facilitate communication and accountability between all three. I was responsible for creating the applicant dashboard.


Evolution of the Passage applicant dashboard, V1


Passage uses plenty of white space and clear calls to action to break down and simplify a complicated process. The entire process is shown to the applicant, including steps they are not a part of. This transparency bolsters confidence in their sponsoring company and immigration attorney.


Applicants are reassured that they will be notified as soon  as their application receives a response. HR personnel can keep track of upcoming dates for visa renewals or transfers. Attorneys can populate the list of required documents for applicants to provide, and receive a nice & tidy handoff package for submitting the application to USCIS.


Facilitating a usability test with a visa-holding tech worker while Janet and Paul take notes


We took a deep dive into the visa application process to build a guide that would be comprehensive for all user types. Passage was designed and validated with input from skilled foreign tech workers, their HR reps, and company leadership.