Tango: Concept Validation & Proof

Tango Header.png

Collaboration with Alex Savard and Rupika Dhawan

Tango lets two people find a meeting point between them based on travel time instead of distance. We took Tango from a bare bones web prototype and conducted extensive research to identify where Tango can provide value. With those findings, we designed, tested, and validated a robust proof of concept and demonstrated integrations into other platforms. 


Wireflow demonstrating how Tango fits into an existing system


Through multiple rounds of interviews and surveys, we identified that meeting with strangers was the best use case for Tango’s unique routing system. We mocked up integrations into Bumble and Letgo to demonstrate Tango in it’s ideal context.


Tango will suggest meeting points such as a cocktail bar for a date, or a public place for a transaction. Preferences can be tweaked via filters, and the final location sent to the other party via in-app messaging.


After a brand refresh, we created a prototype of a standalone Tango app to demonstrate and test the Tango experience. We adhered to Google’s Material Design to maintain the extreme trust our research subjects put into Google Maps.

Once our concept had been tested and refined, we put together a handoff package including a pitch deck to assist Tango in pitching integration to other platforms.